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Автор:  marr - 16 Декабря 2015 15:26:37
From: Mr. Patrick Masinga.
I am contacting you with an intent geared towards an interest which I want both of us to participate in and which will be beneficial to us especially financially.
I happen to be a financial adviser and investment planner to the late president of Libya, who was killed in a gun battle in Libya on the 20th of October 2011. I have been handling most of his financial concerns and investment interests here in South Africa up to this date.
I have under my management, some amount of money which the late Gaddafi had instructed me to code for re-investment for his grand children in an event he is caught or killed.
We shall discuss more on this and the amount involved and the remuneration you shall receive for your efforts when I hear from you. Do get back to me.
Thank you and Best Regards,
From Mr. Patrick Masinga.
значит был убит в перестрелке...
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